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We are passionate about music, business processes, digital marketing & technology.


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1987 Music Group are for artists/musicians who are seeking creative freedom. Creatives who refuse to comply with the traditional business model that currently exists within the music industry. Our services serve as a partnership to help promote, create content and develop marketing strategies on your behalf.


In 5 years, we will stand as a living testimony for artists who chose to remain independent, those who chose to believe in their own creative process and decided to take the staircase to true success. Success where popularity is not the metric! Instead success that is measure through creative freedom, ownership, empowering others within your community. Success that will stand the test of time!


Contact us now and let's begin taking steps towards creative freedom.


Our Services

Project Management

We create detailed plans that save time, energy and resources for the duration a project's life cycle.

Web Development

Modern and mobile-ready website that will represent your brand and connect with a wider audience.


I can connect your with great video production teams and producers that will bring your creative vision to life!


By leveraging digital marketing, you can reach a wider audience and turn them from listeners to fans.

Email Marketing

Make your marketing efforts more personal with email marketing campaigns that are focused and connect your audience.

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